EPISODE 236 | RELEASED January 8, 2024

BIOCERA-VET Cementoplasty for Dog Bone Cancer | Aqui Villamonte Chevalier, DVM, PhD & Dr. Shaina Stewart

Cementoplasty has helped humans stabilize bones for decades. Now it’s being used in dog bone cancer.


Osteosarcoma in dogs is bad news upon bad news. First, you hear your dog has cancer. Second, you hear that the best treatment is amputation. WHAT?? It’s depressing and scary as heck.

Well, there’s a brand-new treatment (to veterinary medicine) available: bone cement. Cementoplasty has been used to help stabilize human bones for decades … and now it’s being used in dogs with bone cancer.

Join us for a deep dive into the bare bones, elegant technique offered by TheraVet S.A., a company headquartered in Belgium. Their new compound, BIOCERA-VET, is ready for use in the U.S. Veterinarian and imaging whiz Aquilino Villamonte Chevalier joins us from the company to explain how their product works and what to expect if you try to save your dog’s limb.

We’re also joined by Dr. Shaina Stewart, a general practice veterinarian from North Carolina who’s one of the few veterinarians using this technique in the United States. The pain relief and support cementoplasty offers to her patients may be worth considering.

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