EPISODE 246 | RELEASED May 27, 2024

Radiation for a Dog with TCC | Dr. Megan Duffy

Heather’s veterinary oncologist wants to use radiation on her dog with transitional cell carcinoma. Is that a good idea?


Inspired by Heather’s listener question about using radiation therapy to treat transitional cell carcinoma (TCC) in dogs, Dr. Megan Duffy, a veterinary oncologist, shares her expert insights on when radiation is recommended, how it complements other treatments like surgery and chemotherapy, and the importance of effective communication with your veterinary oncologist.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Megan Duffy’s insights on the use of radiation therapy in treating TCC.
  • The role of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation in managing bladder tumors in dogs.
  • Factors influencing the recommendation of radiation therapy.
  • Tips for communicating effectively with your veterinary oncologist.
  • The importance of understanding each component of your dog’s treatment plan.

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Notable Quotes:

  • “Recommending radiation on top of surgery tells me that there may be something about that local situation that isn’t completely gone with surgery.” – Dr. Megan Duffy
  • “It’s worth asking the oncologist, ‘What about my individual dog makes radiation a recommendation?’” – Dr. Megan Duffy
  • “I think it’s fun when people are this involved in their pet’s care.” – Dr. Megan Duffy

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