EPISODE 228 | RELEASED September 18, 2023

Repurposed Drugs for Cancer (Mast Cell Tumors) in Dogs | Dr. Lauren Barrow

Tracie is thinking her dog’s mast cell tumor might benefit from Panacur (fenbendazole). Are there any other repurposed drugs she might consider?


It’s so exciting when a familiar drug in one area shows promise as a new treatment for another health problem. Researchers and clinicians pay attention, especially when the drug is inexpensive and easily tolerated.

Such is the case with Panacur (fenbendazole), a dewormer that has caught the attention of cancer researchers. It’s early days of studying its effects on cancer, but some people want to start using it now!

And no wonder. It’s mechanism of action is the same one used by several well-known cancer drugs! But would the high doses needed cause the same severe long-term effects of other chemo drugs we’re already using?

Dr. Lauren Barrow joins us for a fascinating discussion prompted by listener Tracie’s question about her dog’s mast cell tumors. We talk about the thinking general practitioners engage in around repurposing drugs for cancer … and why a trip to the oncologist might be a good idea.

After all, oncologists (especially veterinary oncologists) are not just the keepers of insights and expertise about standard treatment methods … they are the researchers on the cutting edge of oncology. They’re the ones who research and repurpose drugs!

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