EPISODE 207 | RELEASED March 13, 2023

Monepantel: A Future Treatment for Dog Lymphoma | Dr. Kim Agnew

Monepantel is a hopeful dog lymphoma treatment currently in clinical trials. This easy-to-give tablet seems to keep dogs stable and feeling good.


If you live in Australia, New Zealand, or Texas, your dog might be eligible to join a clinical trial studying the drug monepantel.

Monepantel was originally developed as a sheep dewormer, but a scientist in Australia discovered that it killed cancer cell lines in the lab. Now, monepantel is being studied to treat B-cell lymphoma in dogs, cancer in humans, and motor neuron disease in humans.

Dr. Kim Agnew, the principal investigator on the dog lymphoma study, explains how this drug works and what results they are seeing, as well as the path to full approval. While monepantel is not going to take the place of chemotherapy, it does show promise to help slow progression of lymphoma and preserve the dogs’ quality of life for up to seven months.

Listen in to learn more, and see if this clinical trial might be a good fit for your dog!

Links Mentioned in Today’s Show:

PharmAust Dog Lymphoma Clinical Trial: https://www.pharmaust.com/petdogtrial/

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