Kim Agnew, BVSc

Kim Agnew's Credentials

BVSc, Vet Science, Massey University

About Kim Agnew

Rural upbringing in New Zealand lead to a passion for livestock health and productivity which progressed to Biochemistry followed by Veterinary Science qualifications at Massey University. Dr. Agnew has significant veterinary practical experience with 10 years in a large practice in South Auckland followed by a 20-year career at Elanco Animal Health which allowed for exposure to a wide range of life science aspects.

Dr. Agnew has played a role in the development of novel veterinary products with a focus on topical parasiticides for sheep and cattle and oral and water delivered ionophore products for cattle.

Expansion of his role to Australia lead to an area of real passion – team building. Leading the combined research and regulatory teams since 2007, followed by leadership of a global R&D hub based in Sydney allowed him to build teams that team members wanted to stay in.