EPISODE 241 | RELEASED March 18, 2024

Palladia for Dogs | Dr. Megan Duffy

Veterinary oncologists are using the drug Palladia for dogs with many types of cancer now. Dr. Megan Duffy explains why.


Is Palladia safe? Does it have a lot of side effects? Does giving my dog a cancer drug at home multiple times a week make my dog “toxic”? Can my dog with other health problems take this drug safely?

Palladia was approved for dogs with high-grade mast cell tumors in dogs over a decade ago. But since then, veterinary oncologists have started using it in many solid tumor types. They’ve also tweaked the doses to lessen the risk of side effects.

Veterinary oncologist Dr. Megan Duffy joins us for an in-depth look at this “kind of weird, exciting drug.” She explains a little about how it works, when it is used, and answers ALL the questions that came up in our Facebook Dog Cancer Support Group about this drug.

If your veterinarian wants to start your dog on Palladia, and you’re wondering why … this is a must-watch video for you because Dr. Duffy has advice about how to know if Palladia might help YOUR dog’s case.

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