EPISODE 174 | RELEASED July 4, 2022

What Are Some Guidelines for Dog Cancer Detection? Q&A | Dr. Brooke Britton

Caller Janet wants to know what guidelines there are for catching dog cancer early.


Caller Janet has found that in her breed, checking the anal glands every six months after the dog turns six years old can be really helpful for catching anal gland carcinomas early, and wonders if there are other things that owners can do for other cancers.

Oncologist Brooke Britton discusses the importance of routine wellness visits with your veterinarian, as well as screening tests that can be done once in a while, such as liquid biopsies or taking x-rays. She also emphasizes what we as dog lovers can do at home to pick up any lumps or behavioral changes quickly, track lump growth, and be advocates for our dogs and seek veterinary care promptly to get tumors removed while they are small and before they can spread.

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