EPISODE 175 | RELEASED July 11, 2022

Nationwide Dog Cancer Study and Breeds at Risk | Dr. Jules Benson

Nationwide is combing through their pet insurance claims to learn about cancer risk. Listen in for popular breeds with the highest risk – and lowest!

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Dr. Jules Benson of Nationwide Pet Insurance breaks down the data from their first two white papers on dog cancer – Oodles of Doodles, which compares Poodles and Goldens to Poodle mixes, and Diversity of Risk, which looks at cancer risk in specific breeds and purebred dogs vs. mixed breed dogs. You might be surprised by some of the findings!

The goal of these studies is to one day provide guidelines for cancer screening in specific breeds, and in the meantime, to increase education and owner awareness about which particular cancer(s) they should be on the lookout for in their dog.

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Nationwide Cancer Studies – Diversity of Risk and Oodles of Doodles are the primary ones discussed in this podcast

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