EPISODE 194 | RELEASED December 5, 2022

Early Dog Cancer Warning Signs | Dr. David Vail

Does your dog seem off? Trust your gut, says oncologist Dr. David Vail. Whether it’s cancer or something else, early detection improves outcomes.


There are very few signs that directly indicate your dog has cancer. Even a lump could be an infection or a benign growth. Many common early signs, such as lethargy, weight loss, vomiting, or increased drinking, can be caused by a variety of health problems.

Veterinary oncologist David Vail recommends keeping up with regular veterinary exams and going in whenever your dog doesn’t seem right. Your vet can do testing to narrow down the possible issues that could be causing your dog’s symptoms, and track the size of any lumps so that you will both know if a lump starts to grow at an increased rate.

Listen in for more signs that can indicate early cancer, as well as tips on how to decide if a test is worth running.

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