EPISODE 247 | RELEASED June 10, 2024

Pet Health Insights with The Pet Health Zone | Dr. Jules Benson

Want an idea of what you are dealing with when it comes to your pet’s health? There’s a new online calculator that offers a wealth of insight!


Host James Jacobson sits down with Dr. Jules Benson to discuss the latest innovation in dog health care, the Pet Health Zone. A frequent guest and valued contributor, Dr. Benson shares how this new tool leverages vast amounts of data from Nationwide, the largest pet health insurance company in the U.S., to provide dog owners with valuable insights into their pets’ health risks.

They explore the benefits of this tool, how it simplifies complex medical information, and the role of pet health insurance in enhancing care for our furry friends.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Explanation of how the tool uses data from millions of pet insurance claims.
  • How the tool provides dog owners with health risk insights.
  • Use of generative AI to make medical information accessible and easy to understand.
  • The role of language and jargon-free content in enhancing understanding.
  • Discussion on the role of pet health insurance in managing dog health care costs.
  • Comparison of pet insurance adoption rates between the UK and the US.
  • Insights into the benefits of early insurance adoption and its impact on premium costs.
  • How generative AI was used in developing the Pet Health Zone.
  • The contribution of data scientists and veterinarians in creating the tool.
  • Future implications of AI in veterinary medicine and health care.
  • Insights into health risks and care costs based on the data provided by the tool.
  • The potential for regional cost adjustments and longer-term cost predictions.
  • The ongoing evolution of telemedicine and its benefits for pet owners.

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