EPISODE 208 | RELEASED March 20, 2023

Dog Cancer True Tail: Lilli | John Mcleish

Lilli’s dog cancer success story spans three years, two surgeries, a whole lot of vets, and one really loving human dad.


A lump was first found in one of Lilli’s anal glands in early 2020, right as the world shut down due to the COVID pandemic. Despite many challenges and a few setbacks, her person John was determined to get Lilli the best care possible and to choose a treatment plan that felt right for Lilli.

Listen in to hear how John navigated the difficulties of getting veterinary care in the UK during a worldwide pandemic, and how he found the perfect veterinary care team that was the right fit for both him and Lilli.

And best of all, hear how Lilli is still chasing her ball three years later.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Show:

Dog Cancer Survival Guide https://dogcancerbook.com/

Apocaps https://apocaps.com/

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