EPISODE 195 | RELEASED December 12, 2022

Can Anal Gland Cancer Spread to the Stomach? | Dr. Brooke Britton

Caller Darlene just found out her dog has a possible mass in her stomach, but no symptoms of stomach cancer. What should she do?


Darlene’s dog just had an anal gland tumor removed. Her vets were concerned that it had spread to the lymph nodes, so she had a follow-up CT scan. During that they found a possible mass in the stomach.

There are lots of things to consider in this case. Oncologist Brooke Britton weighs in on whether or not the stomach mass might be a metastasis of the anal gland tumor, or if it is a tumor at all. She also discusses the challenges of getting a diagnosis on stomach masses because of their location.

And to make things more complicated, Darlene’s Golden is 10 years old. Is it worth pursuing aggressive diagnostics if she has no symptoms of illness? Listen in to hear the pros and cons.

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