EPISODE 104 | RELEASED January 11, 2021

How to Find a Great Veterinarian | Dr. Judy Morgan Deep Dive

Dr. Judy Morgan joins us to give us a taste of what it’s like to work with an open-minded veterinarian who takes a holistic approach for granted.


Could you imagine being able to build an open relationship with your vet? One where you feel comfortable discussing the use of herbs and supplements in place of chemicals and drugs? Believe it or not, it is possible, and this week’s episode tells our listeners how they can do exactly that. Dr. Judy Morgan discusses how pet parents can build stronger relationships with their dog’s medical care team, how to find a great vet if you need one, how to communicate your needs as a client, and everything else that goes into finding and keeping an exceptional team of medical professionals at every stage of your dog’s life! So, listen closely as Dr. Judy provides an abundance of tips that you won’t want to miss!

In this episode, we cover a variety of topics related to the cost of veterinary care, finding a good veterinarian in your area, talking about holistic approaches, keeping a 24-hour emergency vet on speed dial in case you need them in a pinch, and how you can agree to disagree with your vet, while still ensuring that you maintain a good client-provider relationship.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Show:

Dr. Judy Morgan’s book “From Needles to Natural” https://drjudymorgan.com/products/from-needles-to-natural

Lap of Love network of Veterinarians: https://www.lapoflove.com/

Locate a holistic vet near you on the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association website: https://www.ahvma.org/find-a-holistic-veterinarian/

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