Integrative Veterinary Oncology Recommendations from Our Readers

Integrative veterinary oncology care is becoming more and more popular. Readers of Dr. Dressler's book have been nominating their favorite "full spectrum" or integrative veterinarians since 2008. Do you have a great recommendation for dog lovers in your area? Let us know!

Integrative Veterinary Oncology Recommendations from Our Readers

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Who’s your favorite veterinarian? Mine is Dr. Demian Dressler, author of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide. But not everyone can come to Hawaii to see him. Dr. Dressler calls himself a “full spectrum” veterinarian. When he treats cancer in his clinic, he practices what is now commonly thought of as integrative veterinary oncology: everything that helps, no matter what tradition it comes from.

The purpose of this post is to help YOU to find your full spectrum — or integrative oncology — veterinarian. Below you will find a list of veterinarians that Dr. Dressler’s readers have specifically recommended. (If you want to add yours to the list, please tell us about them.)

Full Spectrum or Integrative Oncology Veterinarians

This approach boils down using what works, whether it’s outside or inside the box, particularly regarding cancer treatment.

The goal in integrative oncology is to stop worrying so much about whether treatment was something learned in conventional school. Let’s acknowledge that there are answers found in other traditions.

Things change. We learn new things. And in integrative cancer care, when we learn better, we do better. That’s why there are so many things included in it!

  • Chemotherapy is not shunned out of hand … but asking about the real numbers behind the protocols is encouraged.
  • Supplements are not pooh-poohed … but not everything, only those that have shown REAL evidence to help fight cancer and/or address symptoms.
  • Diet and lifestyle is your first priority, not your last priority. They are the foundation of EVERYTHING. And they can make a big difference right away!
  • The relationship between you and your dog is never, ever neglected.

As we’ve worked with more veterinarians over the years — particularly on the podcast DOG CANCER ANSWERS — we’ve found that many, many veterinarians embrace the integrative oncology veterinary approach Dr. Dressler talks about. Many of them have joined us at to contribute articles, videos, education, and podcasts. This is a real cause to celebrate!

Do You Have an Integrative Veterinary Oncology Practitioner to Recommend?

So, do you have a veterinarian who is kind, direct, open-minded, and non-dogmatic? Want to recommend her or him? That would be fabulous because one of the most-asked questions we get is “who can I see in my area who understands this approach??”

If you don’t see your veterinarian or health practitioner in the list below, give us their contact details so we can include them on the list. Make sure you name your city and state or city and country so that other people can find them. That way the hundreds of thousands of visitors every year who are trying to figure out how to optimize their dog’s life quality and longevity can find someone local who might be a good team member.

And if you are looking for even more advice on finding a veterinarian, read this article.

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Integrative Veterinary Oncology Recommendations from Readers of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide

Information is provided by readers, so we apologize if this list contains inaccuracies. Please let us know if a veterinarian has moved or changed hospitals. If you don’t see your Full Spectrum veterinarian in the list, let us know

Alberta, Canada

Dr. Veronica Devall, Calgary Holistic Veterinary Clinic, Calgary

Ontario, Canada

Dr. Ed Beltran, VCA Blair Animal Hospital, Gloucester

Dr. Robert Butler, Guelph Animal Hospital, Guelph

Dr. Beth Cozens, Fort Malden Animal Hospital, Amherstburg

Dr. Tina Hall, Headon Forest Animal Hospital, Burlington

Dr. Jan Huntingford, Essex Animal Hospital, Essex


Jorge Ferrada, CVES Pet Hospital

San José, Costa Rica

Dr. Santiago Gaona González CMV, MEDIFAUNA, San José , Costa Rica.

Alaska, USA

Dr. Scott Rapp, Cornerstone Animal Hospital, Anchorage

California, USA

Dr. Signe Beebe, Integrative Veterinary Center, Sacramento

Dr. Doug Coward, Animal and Bird Clinic, Mission Viejo

Dr. Lily Chen, Integrative Pet Wellness Center, Rolling Hills Estates

Dr. Kathy Gerrity, Boulder Creek Veterinary Clinic, Boulder Creek

Dr. Richard Palmquist, Centinela Animal Hospital, Inglewood

Dr. Michelle Pressel, Pacific & Santa Cruz Veterinary Specialists, Santa Cruz

Dr. David Proulx, VCA California Veterinary Specialists in Carlsbad California

Dr. Carlos Rodriguez Jr., Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center at Thousand Oaks, Thousand Oaks

Dr. Marlene Townsell, Access Specialty Animal Hospital South Bay, Torrance

Dr. Chante Tran, Mountainview Small Animal Hospital, Lake Elsinore CA

Dr. Avenelle Turner, Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital (MASH), Hollywood

Dr. Robert Woods, Integrative Veterinary Health Center, Orange

Florida, USA

Dr. Jonathan Block, West Delray Veterinary, Delray Beach, FL

Dr. Christine Chicra, Holistic Veterinary Care of Central Florida, Oviedo

Dr. Patricia Kallenbach, The Healing Place, Crystal River

Dr. Tracy LaDue, Southeastern Veterinary Oncology (SEVO-Med), Orange Park, FL and Jacksonville, FL

Dr. Kim Neitzel, Garden Veterinary Clinic, Winter Park

Dr. Evan Sones, Animal Cancer Care Clinic, Orlando

Hawaii, USA

Dr. Demian Dressler, South Shore Veterinary Care, Kihei, Maui

Dr. Fran Miyake, Kapa’a Animal Clinic, Kapa’a, Kaua’i

Illinois, USA

Dr. Barbara Royal (and team), The Royal Treatment Veterinary Center, Chicago

Maine, USA

Dr. Jeff Philibert, Portland Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Care, Portland

Maryland, USA

North Branch Animal Hospital, Cumberland

Michigan, USA

Dr. John Simon, Hartrick Veterinary Clinic, Royal Oak

Dr. Erin Bannink, Oakland Veterinary Referral Services (OVRS), Bloomfield Hills

Minnesota, USA

Dr. Darlene Cook, The Bluffs Pet Clinic, Red Wing

New Jersey, USA

Dr. Stephen Brenn, Oradell Animal Hospital, Paramus

Dr. Gerald Buchoff, Longevity Veterinary Center, Whippany

Dr. Kendra Pope, Dr. Kendra Pope, Red Bank

Dr. Rohini Sathish, Longevity Veterinary Center, Whippany

New York, USA

Dr. Karen Johnston, Hampton Veterinary Hospital, Speonk

Dr. Kari Rosen, Animal Specialty Center, Yonkers, NY

Ohio, USA

Dr. Jim Carlson, Lifetime Pet Wellness Center, Worthington

Dr. Charles Curie, Geneva Veterinary Clinic, Geneva

Nevada, USA

Dr. Andrew Vaughan, Las Vegas Veterinary Specialist Center, Las Vegas

North Carolina, USA

Dr. Eve Boggs, Harmony Animal Hospital, Apex

Pennsylvania, USA

Dr. Alan Kirmayer, Animal Hospital of Rye, Marysville

Dr. Suzanne Martin, Northern Pike Veterinary Hospital, Monroeville

Dr. Judith Shoemaker, Always Helpful Veterinary Services, Nottingham

Dr. Fiona Tam, Avets, Monroeville

Dr. Chris Threadgill, Hidden Valley Animal Clinic, McMurray

Dr. Sarah Urban, Always Helpful Veterinary Services, Nottingham

Dr. Lisa Whalen, Animal Hospital of Rye, Marysville

Rhode Island, USA

Dr. Sharon Doolittle, Dr. Doolittle’s Holistic Animal Healthcare, Smithfield

South Carolina, USA

Dr. Jeanne Fowler, All About Pets, Travelers Rest

Tennessee, USA

Dr. Shannon Dawkins, Claws and Paws Mobile Veterinary Services, Chattanooga

Texas, USA

Dr. Dan Ahrens, Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital, Houston

Dr. Mary Crist, Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital, Houston

Dr. Elizabeth Pritchard, Rogers Animal Hospital, Corsicana

Washington, USA

Dr. Lena McCullough, Kingdom of Basil, Seattle

Dr. Lisa Parshley, Olympia Veterinary Specialists, Olympia

Editorial Note: This post was originally published on a retired blog about dog cancer.

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Molly Jacobson is a writer and the editor of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide. She also hosts the podcast Dog Cancer Answers. A lifelong dog lover and self-professed dog health nerd, she is all too familiar with dog cancer. She has been supporting dog lovers coping with cancer since 2008. Molly earned a BA from Tufts University, and after a career in bookselling and book publishing attended The Swedish Institute to become a licensed massage therapist in New York State, licensed by the medical board. She loves explaining medical topics with care easy-going language.

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