EPISODE 220 | RELEASED June 12, 2023

CBD and Cannabis for Dogs: Then, Now, and Looking Forward Part 2 | Dr. Narda Robinson

CBD might be part of the natural dog cancer treatment plan for your pup, but it is important to choose your product(s) carefully.


This is Part 2 of our discussion of cannabis and CBD for dogs with Dr. Narda Robinson. In this episode Dr. Narda discusses how CBD can fit into a cancer treatment plan, the legal complications of cannabis in veterinary medicine, and some tips for choosing a product.

Some things to look for when researching products are a Certificate of Analysis, how the product is processed, sustainability and environmental impact of the growing operation, and what your pet’s specific needs are. In her experience oils are the most reliable and have been studied the most, though many dogs love their CBD chews!

Salves are an emerging option that Dr. Narda likes because they can be used to target specific painful areas. However, there are not any products available right now. If considering a human CBD salve for your dog, review the ingredients carefully with a holistic or integrative vet. Many of the essential oils that we love for ourselves can be dangerous for our pets if they are licked or absorbed into the skin.

Listen in to hear how Dr. Narda determines if CBD is appropriate for a dog, how it might be able to help your pup, and why discussing these products can be a challenge depending on where you live.

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