EPISODE 219 | RELEASED June 5, 2023

CBD and Cannabis for Dogs: Then, Now, and Looking Forward Part 1 | Dr. Narda Robinson

Cannabis dog research has come a long way, and every day we learn more about how this plant can help our dogs.


Dr. Narda Robinson has been involved with cannabis and CBD in dogs since Colorado State University first started looking into it. In this episode she talks about her first time going to a grower operation, why cannabinoids have an effect in the body, and the differences in how THC and CBD work.

She also discusses some of the nuances of dosing, and the different situations where a cannabis product can be useful (and it’s not just cancer!).

This is Part 1 of our long interview with Dr. Narda.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Show:

Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital: https://vetmedbiosci.colostate.edu/vth/

Raphael Mechoulam’s cannabinoid research: https://cannabinoids.huji.ac.il/people/raphael-mechoulam

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