EPISODE 92 | RELEASED October 19, 2020

Cannabis to Help Dogs with Cancer – A Veterinary Oncologist Perspective | Dr. Trina Hazzah Deep Dive

Trina Hazzah, an integrative oncologist in Los Angeles has a lot to tell us about using cannabis to help dogs with cancer.

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When fifteen-year-old Trina Hazzah got a part-time job cleaning animal cages, she had no idea she would become a veterinary oncologist, much less co-found the Veterinary Cannabis Society. Two advanced degrees, a journey through Chinese Herbal Medicine, and a nonprofit later, she now has a waiting list of new patients. Dr. Hazzah will do anything to support her patients’ quality of life, quantity of life, or both. Whether it’s fighting for the right to prescribe cannabis, pursuing genetic profiling of tumors, or wearing her standard chemotherapy or radiation oncologist’s hat, she is right there and ready to give her patients the best possible treatment outcomes.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Show:

The Veterinary Cannabis Society https://veterinarycannabissociety.org/

Dr. Hazzah’s paper, “Cannabis in Veterinary Medicine: A Critical Review,” is due to be published December 2020. Here’s a link to The Journal of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association. https://www.ahvma.org/ahvma-journal/

The Chi Institute, where she got her certification in Veterinary Chinese Herbalism https://chiu.edu/

Other Societies to which Dr. Hazzah belongs:






California Veterinary Medical Association

Her website https://drtrinahazzah.com/

Other Appearances/Press  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxXixaDFaIw  KTLA segment 

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