EPISODE 70 | RELEASED July 24, 2020

Cannabis for Dogs with Cancer | Dr. Gary Richter Deep Dive

Do cannabis and CBD have benefits for dog cancer? Why doesn’t my vet recommend products? How do I know which are worth my money?


Yes, there are benefits, for sure. But a thorny wall of legal, economic, and pharmaceutical complications make it harder for vets to share the growing knowledge. Dr. Gary Richter walks us through the benefits, hazards, and far-reaching implications of this uncharted territory. CBD has a future in veterinary medicine, but we’re not sure how close it is.

Links, Terms, and Resources Mentioned in Today’s Show:

Dr. Gary Richter’s websites:

Medications mentioned by name: Amoxycillin (an antibiotic), Epidiolex (for children with seizures)

Online cannabis consults for pet owners can be found here: https://www.veterinarycannabis.org/

The nonprofit Dr. Richter has formed with other veterinarians is called the Veterinary Cannabis Society, and their website will be located at https://veterinarycannabissociety.org

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