EPISODE 209 | RELEASED March 27, 2023

All About Degranulation Events | Dr. Brooke Britton

Your dog is restless and anxious, and suddenly chewing and scratching at his red, irritated mast cell tumor. Is he having a degranulation event?


Mast cell tumors are fairly common in dogs. These tumors develop from mast cells, a type of immune cell that contains little packets or granules of histamine and other chemicals. Normally, these granules release in response to something like an insect bite. But when mast cells turn cancerous, the histamine release can quickly get out of control. This is called a degranulation event.

Veterinary oncologist Brooke Britton joins us once again to explain why dogs get degranulation events, how to recognize that one is happening, and what can be done to help your dog. The good news? Medicine cabinet standbys like Benadryl can provide relief from the awful itching and irritation.

Listen in to learn more, including the role that allergies may play in mast cell tumors.

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