EPISODE 184 | RELEASED September 19, 2022

Can Lipomas Hide Mast Cell Tumors in Dogs? Q&A | Dr. Brooke Britton

Is that soft lump on your dog just a fatty tumor… or is it something more sinister? Caller Jenny brings attention to how malignant cancers can look harmless.


Jenny’s dog had some soft, squishy lumps that her vet said were simple lipomas, but after she kept pursuing the matter, turned out to be mast cell tumors. The good news is that true lipomas can’t turn into mast cell tumors. So what happened with Jenny’s poor pup?

Veterinary oncologist Brooke Britton joins us again to discuss the similar appearance of fatty tumors and MCTs. And just because one lump on your dog is benign doesn’t mean that every other lump will be. Mast cell tumors can imitate a variety of other lumps and bumps that you might find on your dog, so it is important to do at least a fine needle aspirate to check out any lumps that are new, growing, or painful.

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