EPISODE 206 | RELEASED March 6, 2023

Pain Control for Dogs After Surgery | Tasha McNerney CVT

Pain control for dogs after surgery is not just about drugs! There are so many other things your vet does to help your dog and that you can do at home.


As a Certified Veterinary Pain Practitioner, Tasha McNerney knows her way around pain detection and control. And she says pain control and prevention is so much more than just the pills that your vet gives you when you pick your dog up after surgery.

Whether your dog is having a minor procedure to remove a small lump or a painful thoracotomy or amputation, pain control starts before the surgery. Some vets will send medications for you to give before coming in that help to calm your dog or provide pain relief. The drugs used to premedicate your dog before anesthesia often have pain-relieving properties as well.

After the surgery, your vet WILL want you to give those pain meds for a couple days, but she will also encourage you to feed a nutritious diet to support healing and may give instructions to ice or massage painful areas. For longer-lasting pain, therapies such as laser, acupuncture, home exercises, and other non-pharmacological techniques may be employed.

Tasha explains all of these things, as well as how to recognize signs of pain that indicate your dog needs extra support.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Show:

Passive Range of Motion (PROM) video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKECEsYJ0r0

International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management: https://ivapm.org/


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