EPISODE 138 | RELEASED October 25, 2021

Preparing Your Dog for Surgery | Kate Basedow Deep Dive

There’s a bunch of things you should do to get your dog ready for surgery and help the day go smoothly. Veterinary technician Kate Basedow has tons of tips.


Taking your dog in for surgery – no matter how “small” — is stressful. But there are things you can do ahead of time to reduce anxiety and upset for both you AND your dog.

To make sure your dog is ready, get bloodwork ahead of time and any x-rays that your veterinarian recommends to check for heart problems and other important medical issues.
To make sure that YOU are ready, make sure that you:

  • Know when your dog is last allowed to eat before surgery (and stick to it)
  • Know what time to drop your dog off
  • Have an estimate of the cost (and when it needs to be paid)
  • If your dog is on meds or supplements, ask if they can be given the day of the surgery
  • Have a cone or bodysuit on hand for your dog to protect the incision after surgery

Veterinary technician Kate Basedow discusses these tips and more to be sure that you and your dog are both ready for surgery day.

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