EPISODE 139 | RELEASED November 1, 2021

What to Expect the Day of Your Dog’s Surgery | Kate Basedow Deep Dive

Ack! It’s surgery day! Veterinary technician Kate Basedow has some tips and insights.


Your dog having surgery can be stressful, and knowing what to expect on the day of your dog’s surgery can give you peace of mind. Veterinary technician Kate Basedow goes over what a typical surgery day looks like, as well as what to bring with you when you drop off your dog … and when to expect a phone call with an update.

Set yourself and your dog up for success by remembering NOT to feed your dog breakfast before surgery and by arriving on time to the vet’s office. Factor in some time for paperwork, and if your dog has been seeing multiple vets, bring copies of records and recent bloodwork.

Many clinics will call when your dog is out of surgery to schedule a pickup time. Expect your dog to be tired and to have some patches of shaved hair. And don’t forget your Elizabethan collar (cone) or a body suit to protect the incision! Either the surgeon or a veterinary technician will go over your dog’s discharge instructions with you and provide you with written instructions on how to care for your dog after surgery.

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