EPISODE 183 | RELEASED September 12, 2022

Dog Cancer True Tail: Dunbar | Dr. Katie Berlin & Tara Diehl

Dunbar’s no cat, but he does seem to have nine lives. With the help of his loving owners and great veterinary team, he has been fighting cancer since 2019.


When Dunbar coughed up blood in October 2019, Tara knew things were about to get rough. He was soon diagnosed with undifferentiated pulmonary carcinoma with lymph node involvement. But thanks to the dedication of his humans and an excellent pet health insurance policy, Dunbar has been able to get the treatments he needed.

Through surgery and chemotherapy, Dunbar has always been happy and outgoing, lovingly referred to as “the mayor” by his veterinarian Kate Berlin. So when the cancer reared its head again in early 2021, they resumed the fight.

Dunbar is now 12 years old, and sweet as ever. Listen in to hear the details of his story, as well as the integrative therapies and supplements that have been helpful alongside his chemotherapy treatments.

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