EPISODE 64 | RELEASED June 19, 2020

The Other Side of the Exam Table | Dr. Katie Berlin Deep Dive

Are veterinarians “just in it for the money” or are they bleeding heart softies? Or are they just human, like all of us? The way you answer this question will impact your dog’s vet care.


Imagine starting your day by telling a family their beagle has lung cancer. Follow that with a routine cat spay, some stitches, and putting down a favorite patient—all before lunch, and without a chance to process any of those feelings. Vets carry heavy emotional and financial baggage, which partly explains why 1 in 6 have considered suicide.

In this Deep Dive episode with Dr. Katie Berlin, we go “behind the scenes” and see what it’s like on the other side of the exam table: the pathos, thoughts, and struggles of the profession. Most importantly, we explore the all-important relationship between veterinarians and their clients. The way you relate to your veterinarian will support or hinder your treatment plan for your dog … so this is a Must-Listen episode!

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The podcast Dr. Katie Berlin co-hosts is Veterinary Super Friends

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