EPISODE 177 | RELEASED July 25, 2022

Is a Week Too Long for Dog Breast Cancer Surgery? | Dr. Brooke Britton

A dog with mammary cancer has three problems: her tumor is very large, she has started chewing at the tumor, and her surgery isn’t for another week.


Gio called in to our Listener Line about his dog with a mammary mass. Unfortunately, his dog has started to chew on the mass, causing bleeding and more discomfort. To make matters worse, his vet is concerned that it may be too large to completely remove with surgery.

Oncologist Brooke Britton weighs in on the different surgery options for a dog with a large mass, as well as how to protect tumors that are bleeding or that bother your dog. And when it comes to actually getting a surgery done, you might be able to schedule it with your regular vet or you might be better off scheduling with a board-certified specialty surgeon who is experienced with complicated cases.

Listen in to learn more.

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