EPISODE 205 | RELEASED February 27, 2023

Dog Cancer True Tail: Roscoe’s Legacy | Renée Michael

Roscoe the Bassett Hound fought prostate cancer for 21 months, and his mom is sharing everything she learned that helped him thrive.


Dog prostate cancer can be missed because early symptoms look like simple UTIs, but when Renée Michael felt something was wrong with her beloved Roscoe, she didn’t wait. A full veterinary workup at Louisiana State University revealed prostate cancer.

Over the next 21 months, Renée learned a ton about the treatment options from prostate cancer, the value of having both an oncologist and a holistic vet on the care team, and how she could support Roscoe’s wellbeing at home with diet and supplements.

In this episode Renée shares some of her insights into anti-inflammatory foods and immune support supplements that she feels Roscoe, as well as recipes for some of his favorite treats. She also talks about the work that she has done to promote dog prostate cancer awareness and help other dog lovers get an early diagnosis and support their dogs throughout treatment.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Show:

Dogs with Prostate Cancer support group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1522248491239039/?ref=share_group_link

Roscoe’s 21 Month Cancer Journey ebook with recipes: https://www.dogcancer.com/roscoe/

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