Renée Michael

About Renée Michael

Renée is a Retired Basset Hound Mom. Her Sweet Roscoe adopted her on Mother’s Day 2011 when he was approximately 3 years old. He was her goofy clown when things were good and her rock when her life fell apart.

At the end of Feb 2020 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer so Renée started researching everything she could. They did SRT radiation but she’s against chemo so foods and supplements were her main focus. She worked closely with the awesome TCVM vet at LSU who taught her a lot, and said Renée even taught her some things. Roscoe gave her 21 months before looking into her eyes on November 12, 2021 and saying “Mom I can’t go on any more.”

Some people encouraged Renée to write a treat book (being a Basset Hound Roscoe LOVED his treats and she was inspired by her late husband Mike when she came up with Roscoe’s treats). The treat book morphed into Roscoe’s Cancer Journey, a free pdf, that is now hopefully helping many many pups and their parents.