EPISODE 188 | RELEASED October 17, 2022

Medicinal Mushrooms for Dog Cancer Part 1 | Dr. Robert Silver

When it comes to dog cancer, beta glucans put the magic in mushrooms. Learn how mushrooms are harvested for supplements and how they can help your dog.


Dr. Robert Silver is a longtime veterinarian with a passion for integrative therapies that can work alongside traditional treatments. One of his special interests? Medicinal or functional mushrooms.

In this episode, Dr. Silver breaks down what makes certain mushrooms beneficial for dogs with cancer (hint: beta glucans are just the tip of the iceberg), how mushrooms are grown and harvested to make a quality supplement, and what veterinarians need to know about medicinal mushrooms.

Be sure to listen to Part 2 of this series, where we will dive into specific mushrooms and their unique properties.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Show:

American College of Veterinary Botanical Medicine

Real Mushrooms

The Medicinal Magic of Functional Mushrooms continuing education webinar for veterinarians and vet techs

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