EPISODE 172 | RELEASED June 20, 2022

The Darwin’s Ark Cancer Project: How You Can Help | Dr. Michelle White

The Darwin’s Ark Cancer Project is a free, easy way that all of us can contribute to dog cancer research for better prevention, detection, and treatment.


Have a dog with cancer and wish there was something you could do – right now – to help other dogs avoid this disease? Enter Darwin’s Ark.

The Darwin’s Ark Cancer Project is a free, survey-based project that is looking for trends that could pinpoint why some dogs get cancer and why others don’t. Some of the participants will also get a free genome sequencing and/or a silicone tag to help pick up pollutants that your dog is exposed to. Blood samples may also be collected from some dogs to evaluate tumor DNA circulating in the bloodstream.

Listen in to learn more about Darwin’s Ark, how to sign up, and how your dog’s data will be used.

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