EPISODE 123 | RELEASED June 21, 2021

Morris Animal Foundation’s Dog Cancer Research | Dr. Janet Patterson-Kane Deep Dive

Why is dog cancer so common? And why are Golden Retrievers more than twice as likely to get cancer as other dogs? Our guest, Dr. Janet Patterson-Kane, is digging for answers.


The Morris Animal Foundation has been around for over 70 years. They are the leader in researching not just dog health, but cats and wild animals, as well.

Over three thousand dogs have participated in their Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. It’s the largest, most comprehensive canine health study in the U.S. What are they looking for?

Answers. Why do so many Goldens get cancer? And do these factors affect other dogs, as well?

With comprehensive health exams, samples, and questionnaires, they are researching the following questions:

  • What nutritional factors might lead to dog cancer?
  • What environmental factors might lead to dog cancer?
  • What lifestyle factors might lead to dog cancer?
  • What genetic risk factors might lead to dog cancer?

The study has yielded four papers so far, with many more to come. And today’s guest, Janet Patterson-Kane, is overseeing them all.

Dr. Patterson-Kane, Chief Scientific Officer at Animal Morris Foundation, joins us on today’s show.  She discusses our current understanding of dog cancer and the hypotheses she’ll test. She also shares how her dog’s osteosarcoma diagnosis upended her life — and inspired her to dig deeper.

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See the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study here: https://www.morrisanimalfoundation.org/golden-retriever-lifetime-study

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