EPISODE 166 | RELEASED May 9, 2022

Dog Cancer Vocab: Mitotic Index | Dr. Brooke Britton

Oncologist Brooke Britton breaks down what mitotic index means for your dog with cancer, and when having this number can be helpful.


Mitotic index is one of the many complicated-sounding medical terms that may be thrown at you after your dog is diagnosed with cancer. At its most basic, mitotic index is the count of how many cells in your dog’s tumor are actively dividing, or reproducing. But what does this mean for you and your dog? Dr. Britton breaks down how mitotic index can help determine the prognosis for your dog, as well as which cancers it is most significant for. The aggressive potential of some cancers is closely linked to the mitotic index, while others can still be treated successfully even if the mitotic index is sky-high.

Listen in to learn about the nuances of mitotic index, how to get it for your dog’s tumor, and when it is most important to know this number before you make treatment decisions.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Show:

National Human Genome Research Institute article on mitosis with images and video

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