EPISODE 109 | RELEASED February 22, 2021

Panacur for Cancer in Dogs │ Dr. Nancy Reese Q&A

It sounds crazy to use Panacur for cancer in dogs. Doesn’t it? It’s a dewormer! It doesn’t cure cancer … does it? Or wait, does it make cancers grow bigger? #dogcancerconfusion! Time to ask Dr. Nancy Reese to do some research.

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Sandy calls in to our Listener Line to ask her question. She wonders: is Panacur for cancer in dogs a good idea? She read about it online. And some folks seem to think it really helped their dog (and their own) cancer. And others think it just made things worse. So … what’s the deal with this dewormer, officially named fenbendazole, and cancer??

Dr. Nancy Reese, our chief medical editor, answers this most-excellent question. She’s interested in outside-the-box ideas, not just for her patients, but for her own family members. And what she finds out about Panacur and dog cancer is both fascinating and clarifying.

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