EPISODE 161 | RELEASED April 4, 2022

SearchLight DNA Can Find Your Dog’s Cancer Genotype | Dr. Esther Chon

Mutations in your dog’s cancer genotype can point to treatments that will be more effective. Dr. Chon explains how SearchLight DNA works.


SearchLight DNA is a test offered by the company Vidium Animal Health. This test sequences the genome of a dog’s tumor, and then compares that genotype to a database of mutations known to be associated with cancer… and the treatments that target them.

The best part? SearchLight DNA can be done with a simple fine needle aspirate, no surgical biopsy required.

The team at Vidium is made up of oncologists, genomic scientists, and pathologists who all work together on each case. This diverse team emphasizes the importance of using multiple strategies to treat cancer.

Listen in to learn more about SearchLight DNA and how it can be used alongside histopathology to determine the best treatment plan for your dog.

SearchLight DNA

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