EPISODE 159 | RELEASED March 21, 2022

Poop for the Cure: Your Dog’s Gut Bacteria and Cancer | Dr. Stephanie Culler

Can your dog’s poop help diagnose and treat cancer? It turns out the answer is yes.


Dr. Stephanie Culler and the rest of her team have been studying differences in the gut microbiome of healthy people and people with cancer to find biomarkers that can detect or predict cancer development. After all, the gut plays a key role in the immune system

So where do dogs come in? Dogs and humans share 60-80% of their gut microbiome with humans! Because of this combined with dogs’ shorter lifespans, it is much easier and more efficient to study and develop therapeutics for the microbiome in dogs first. So Dr. Culler expanded their research to include both healthy dogs and dogs with cancer. Both humans and dogs will benefit from this research. But she still needs poop samples from more dogs with cancer!

Links Mentioned in Today’s Show:

Persephone Biosciences

Poop for the Cure (contact them to donate dog poop!)

Designing microbiome therapeutics to help cure cancer TEDx talk


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