Cancer Causes and Prevention

Why is there so much cancer in dogs? What contributes to the development of dog cancer? How can we lower the risk of dogs developing cancer?

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Brushing dogs teeth is simpler than you think, and it really pays off over time in better health, and even cancer prevention.

Brushing Dogs Teeth: It’s Easier Than You Think!

Toothbrushing for dogs? Yup. Brushing dogs teeth is surprisingly easy, and has long-term benefits. Not only will it keep your dog’s breath fresh, it will keep his internal organs healthy, and may even lower the risk of mouth cancer, the fourth most common cancer in dogs. Totally worth it!

Prevent Cancer in Dogs with Common Sense Lifestyle Choices

By Molly Jacobson | January 19, 2023

Can we really prevent cancer in dogs? Cancer thrives in certain bodies, so here’s how to make sure YOUR dog’s body is a hostile environment for cancer.