EPISODE 229 | RELEASED October 2, 2023

Detox for Dogs with Cancer | Dr. Nicole Sheehan

Dr. Nicole Sheehan is a relentlessly open-minded integrative veterinarian and a liver detox expert.


If Dr. Nicole Sheehan sees a liver working too hard in routine blood work, she moves to a detox protocol as a matter of course, and especially if the dog has cancer. Why? Because an overworked liver struggles to clear the body of toxins. That’s no good for any state of health!

Regardless of whether dogs are overburdened by their environment, a genetic mutation, or both, a liver detox can support the body.

How to do it? Simple milk thistle – a widely available supplement. And: regular bathing.

In today’s wide-ranging discussion Dr. Sheehan explains why and how to detox your dog – and how to know when you might want to start.

Some pesticides are necessary at times: like flea and tick meds. Others, like lawn chemicals, may be less so. And do dogs have a genetic mutation that reduces liver function, similar to the MTHFR genetic mutation found in humans?

In the end, Dr. Nicole Sheehan says, we’ve got to really listen and pay attention to our dogs in order to make good choices.

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Watch Dr. Nicole Sheehan sing on Insta! https://www.instagram.com/nicolethevet/

Dr. Nicole Sheehan’s practice: https://wholepetvets.com/

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