EPISODE 224 | RELEASED July 24, 2023

How Do Genetic Mutations Cause Cancer? | Dr. Charlotte Hacker

There are many dog cancer causes, but genetic mutations are at the root of each case. Learn what these microscopic errors are and how they can lead to cancer.


Your dog has trillions of cells, each one containing DNA with about 19,000 genes. Every day, cells die and are replaced by new ones after copying their genetic material… and sometimes those copies include mistakes.

Charlotte Hacker has a deep love of genetics, and explains the basics of how genetics work and how mutations can occur. Not all of these mistakes are harmful, but a mutation in the wrong spot or a buildup of multiple mutations can lead to cancer.

Listen now to learn about proto-oncogenes, tumor suppressor genes, why bigger dogs are more likely to get cancer, and how you can help support the health of your dog’s DNA.

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Genetic Mutations and Dog Cancer: An Overview (article) https://www.dogcancer.com/articles/stats-and-facts/genetic-mutations-and-dog-cancer/

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