EPISODE 212 | RELEASED April 17, 2023

Does Plastic Cause Cancer in Dogs? | Dr. Charlotte Hacker

Did you know that plastic breaks down over time, leaching chemicals that can cause cancer? Your dog may be at risk from plastics in your home.


Plastic was a wonder material. It makes our lives easier, and can be produced synthetically without depleting natural resources like elephants or camphor trees. But some of the very qualities that make plastic amazing also make it potentially harmful.

Dr. Charlotte Hacker, PhD is a wildlife biologist who researched the connection between plastic and cancer for an article on DogCancer.com. In this episode she talks about several of the harmful chemicals that can be in plastic or produced during the manufacturing of plastic products. She also explains what we currently know about how different chemicals can impact the endocrine system in your dog’s body and the environment at large.

But don’t panic. Even though it is pretty much impossible to completely avoid plastic, there are easy strategies you can take to minimize potentially harmful plastic exposure for your dog.

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