EPISODE 198 | RELEASED January 9, 2023

How Tesoro Spent $60,000 on Dog Cancer Treatment | Diana Gerba

This True Tail includes almost every dog cancer treatment in the books and a whole lot of love shared by one woman and her special Bernese Mountain Dog.


Tesoro was diagnosed with fibrosarcoma in Feb. of 2017 when he was 6.5 years old. Diana and Tesoro’s cancer fight lasted two years and cost $60,000. It was a journey with ups and downs, struggles and victories. Their fight was filled with love, laughter, and tears. It was a journey that unfortunately many other dog owners will travel. What lessons did she learn? What advice can she give? Diana hopes that the story of Tesoro’s fight as a Cancer Warrior can help others.

Listen in to hear the full story, from the treatments that Tesoro received to their amazing experience with Trupanion… and a little bit about designer cones of shame.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Show:

Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America https://www.bmdca.org/

SAGE Veterinary Centers https://www.sagecenters.com/

Trupanion Pet Insurance https://trupanion.com/

Berner-Garde Foundation http://www.bernergarde.org/home/

Torigen Pharmaceuticals https://www.torigen.com/

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