Nathalia Juocys Dias Moreira, MS

Nathalia Juocys Dias Moreira's Credentials

Doctoral Student of Cardiology, University of São Paulo School of Medicine (FMUSP)

Master in Science, Escola Paulista de Medicina of Federal University of SãoPaulo (EPM-UNIFESP)

Bachelor degree in Veterinary Medicine, Anhembi Morumbi College

Theoretical-Practical Course on Abdominal Ultrasound in Small Animals, Veterinary Institute of Imaging(IVI)

About Nathalia Juocys Dias Moreira

Nathalia Juocys has searched her memory but does not recall a moment of her life without a dog. And no wonder: she is the daughter of two veterinary professionals who grew up in the family business. She has served the animals of São Paulo, Brazil, with dedication and joy her whole life. She also, of course, became a veterinarian herself at Anhembi Morumbi University.
The “One Health” movement intrigues and inspires Nathalia. Unifying human medicine with veterinary medicine and other health practices could lead us to new insights, and better treatments for all species. Nathalia’s human medical studies started in 2012 with a Master in Science at Escola Paulista de Medicina of Federal University of SãoPaulo (EPM-UNIFESP). She is completing her PhD at the Medical School of USP/InCor. Nathalia currently pursues two big goals: To deliver high-quality scientific information using everyday language and to guide the veterinary profession toward using clinical trial information sooner.
Science is for everyone, Nathalia asserts. She is happy to join as a science communicator, ready to make a difference in the life of you and your dog.

My Dog

Loba is a Mantiqueira Sheperd that was abandoned in Brazil’s rural area. She was sick, scared, thirsty, and hungry. We've been inseparable since then, going everywhere together - from regular walks to the grocery store to weekend trips. She is the most loyal and protective dog I have ever had, and she's also great with my kid, which makes our connection even greater! We’re so lucky to have her; I’m grateful she found me!

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