Laurene Fomby, DVM PhD DABVT

Laurie Fomby's Credentials

Ph.D. in Veterinary Toxicology, The Ohio State University

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, University of Illinois

Bachelor of Science, University of Illinois

About Laurie Fomby

Laurie graduated from the University of Illinois with a veterinary degree. After three years of private practice, she returned to school and obtained a Ph.D. in toxicology from The Ohio State University.

She then became boarded by the American Board of Veterinary Toxicology. With an interest in learning and research, she worked in the industry for about 12 years. Still having an interest in working with animals, she gained a position in a dog shelter. At that same time, she started teaching at the local community college. Laurie enjoys teaching and thinks education is important to anyone.

She eventually transitioned back to small animal medicine where she has been since. She recently developed an interest in backyard chickens. Unfortunately, her city does not allow them, so she is content to enjoy her two dogs (Betsy and Moe) and a cat (Mini-me).

My Dog

I first met Betsy and the dog shelter. She came in VERY pregnant. It was a holiday weekend so we had adjusted hours. I was worried that she would have her puppies at the shelter when no one was there, so I took her home for the night. She did so good in the house. After she was spayed, I adopted her.

She is the epitome of a "pit". Crazy, loving, and stinky. She loves her whole family including her dog brother. He even bullies her. She has been with me for about 5 years now and I still get so happy thinking about her.

I don't think anyone knows why a pet becomes your "heart pet". It just happens, but I am happy she chose me.

Laurene_Fomby_Heart Dog_Betsy_pol