Jona Marie del Mundo, DVM

Jona Marie del Mundo's Credentials

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, University of the Philippines

About Jona Marie del Mundo

Jona del Mundo, DVM, “Doc Jona,” has been madly in love with animals, especially dogs, her whole life. Applying for and getting into veterinary school was a natural decision for her. She quickly realized it was a male-dominated career in the Philippines.
She dug in her heels and charged up the less-traveled road, juggling academics and building a network. She joined the University of the Philippines Lady Veterinary Students’ Association and was elected Lady Treasurer and Lady Vice President. Knowing the connection between mental and physical strength, she joined the UPLB Arnis Varsity Team. Academically, she excelled, winning a Merck Animal Health Veterinary Student Scholarship (AVMF).
Doc Jona served many pets as a veterinarian in her province. Concerned about how few low-income clinics were available, she co-founded Candelaria Animal Clinic to serve that population in 2019.
Having established that clinic, Doc Jona moved to Mandaluyong, Metro Manila. There she co-founded MandaVets Animal Clinic with two female colleagues. The three work together to heal pets in their community and help rescues.
Doc Jona is pleased to join the team to help dog lovers around the world help their dogs

My Dog

For me it's Ms. Putin, a Siberian Husky/Aspin mix. She came in the clinic, almost unconscious at 4 months old. Purulent exudate had formed under the skin of her left elbow as she seemed to have experienced a thermal burn. Her recovery was spectacular and her liveliness brought an indescribable joy. Her owner asked me to take her in and I unexpectedly said yes. She runs like the wind, in the backyard of my parent's home. When I visit them, she warmly greets me with a wag of her tail.

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