Alexandra Ubell, DVM

Alexandra Ubell's Credentials

Bachelor of Arts, cum laude, Biological Sciences/Pre-Health, Smith College

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Michigan State University

About Alexandra Ubell

Dr. Alexandra Ubell hails from New England and moved back to the Boston area after receiving her DVM from Michigan State University in 2013. She has moved around a bit since graduating, working in private practice and shelter medicine before utilizing her knowledge of epidemiology and public health to work in case investigation for COVID-19 at the start of the pandemic. Dr. Ubell has since returned to working primarily with pets and has been practicing virtual care through telehealth services at a time when veterinary clinics are overwhelmed, providing clients with guidance right at home.

Dr. Ubell has always been inquistive about the natural world which led her study veterinary medicine. While practicing medicine is her passion, Dr. Ubell is drawn to education and sharing her love of the biological sciences with others. This can take the form of helping pet parents understand how to better care for their fur babies as well as tutoring high school and college students in biology and chemistry.

In addition to her veterinary work, Dr. Ubell enjoys spending time hiking in nearby wooded areas with her heart-dog Fiona and coming back home to Scooter, her 3.5-legged midland painted turtle who has been with her since veterinary school. She is currently learning guitar and making more paint-by number pieces than she has room to hang on her walls!

My Dog

My heart dog is Fiona, or Fifi as we call her. She is a 7 year old pittie mix and has my heart wrapped around her little paw.

Fifi came into my life 6 years ago at the lowest time in my life. In 2016, I had some serious health scares that caused me to have to leave clinical practice to focus on my health.

While the change was needed, I was left feeling lost and aimless. Around this time, a good friend messaged me about an emaciated dog in a nearby shelter who needed fostering and socialization. After making sure her immediate medical issues were addressed, I told him I would be happy to take her home. It was the best decision of my life.

Over the course of the next few weeks as she learned to walk and play again, she gave me a light I had been lacking in my life and helped me move forward. Fifi is a cuddle-bug at home, but seems to be on a mission when we go for walks. She is all about the word "go" and would prefer to be moving and tugging any time she's outside. I think she may have been a sled dog in a former life and I may need to get a treadmill for her! Our favorite thing to do is hiking in the nearby trails and woods. She is working on getting along with other dogs and enjoys playing with a neighborhood dog named Saga.

A few years after she came into my life, she suddenly developed a cough and was less excited to go outside. This was a huge change from her normal personality, so I made sure we had her examined by a cardiologist friend of mine. Fiona was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy but has been effectively managed with medication so far. Facing the prospect of losing her helped me realize how connected to her I am. I can't imagine not seeing her goofy face every morning!

Last year, I noticed Fifi had some unusual bumps on her skin that turned out to be mast cell tumors. Thankfully, they were low grade and surgery has been curative, but it has been another reminder about how much each moment of our time is worth.

Fiona has been there for me at the darkest time of my life and I am with her till the end!

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