Scratchpay is a quick and easy option for helping spread out large veterinary expenses over time.

Key Takeaways

  • Scratchpay is a loan service that allows you to finance vet bills up to $10,000. Like any loan, you must pay it back according to the terms of your loan.
  • If you have a credit score of at least 580, you can apply in real-time, at your vet’s office on the Scratchpay app.
  • You can search for plans without running your credit. Some plans do not require a credit check at all; others will run your credit to get approved.

Quick Loans for Medical Bills

Scratchpay is a loan service that allows you to finance medical bills up to $10,000 from participating providers, including veterinarians.

Through Scratchpay there are a variety of loan terms and interest rates, depending on the borrowers needs and credit score. Like any loan, you are responsible for paying it back within the agreed upon terms.

What Scratchpay Covers

Scratchpay offers loans for any medical bill between $35-10,000, including loans for vet care.

How to Apply for Scratchpay

You can apply for Scratchpay financing in real-time at the veterinary clinic once the estimate or bill is received, either by downloading the app, or on a desktop computer. You typically need a credit score of 580 or higher to qualify for a Scratchpay vet loan.

If you need the loan to provide a deposit before an expensive treatment, you may apply before treatment is rendered using the estimate for treatment. For example, a surgery expected to cost $10,000 in total may require a 50% deposit before your veterinary team can begin treatment – you can apply based on this estimate.

General Terms

Scratchpay offers several types of plans with various loan terms. At the time of publication, their most popular plan seems to be the Take 5 Plan:

  • 20% down payment of the total bill
  • 4 additional bi-weekly payments at 0% APR

Other plans may also be available, including plans with:

  • Terms of 6, 12, 18, or 24-months are available
  • Monthly payments
  • APR varies, depending on the applicant
  • $15 down payment required for more extended plans (12-24 month plans)

Does Applying Affect Your Credit Score?

Searching for and applying for plans does not affect your credit score. For some plans, a hard credit inquiry will be performed before a plan is actually approved.

You can apply for Scratchpay on their website.

Scratchpay is owned by Scratch Financial, Inc. There is no financial or ownership relationship between and Scratchpay.



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