EPISODE 191 | RELEASED November 7, 2022

Will Cutaneous Hemangiosarcoma Come Back? | Dr. Brooke Britton

Do you know which dog skin cancer can be caused by the sun? Oncologist Brooke Britton explains cutaneous hemangiosarcoma.


Many dog lovers have experienced the insidious cancer hemangiosarcoma, which develops in the blood vessels. But caller Lou has a question about cutaneous hemangiosarcoma, a less-common form that develops on the skin instead of in organs like the spleen or heart.

But Dr. Brooke Britton has good news – the best thing about cutaneous hemangiosarcoma is that these tumors can often be stopped in their tracks with surgery alone. Learn which dogs are at risk for skin cancer, how to recognize these tumors, treatment options, and how likely it is to come back or spread.

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