EPISODE 154 | RELEASED February 14, 2022

What Natural Cancer Treatment for Dogs Can I Use? | Dr. Nancy Reese Q&A

Listener Bonnie calls in to see if there are natural alternatives for her dog Bam Bam’s cancer medications.


Dog lovers frequently wonder if there is a more natural option that could be used instead of pharmaceuticals to treat their dogs. The answer is… sometimes!

Bam Bam has elevated calcium levels in his blood, and his human wants to know if she can swap out some of his medications. Dr. Nancy Reese breaks down how the medications prednisone, Lasix, and Palladia work and why they might have been chosen to be part of the treatment plan, as well as some natural options that might work to help out a bit.

Although a pharmaceutical may be just what your pet needs for the best results, there are often natural remedies that can help to support conventional treatments.

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