EPISODE 197 | RELEASED January 2, 2023

Why Do Nose Tumors Bleed? | Dr. Brooke Britton

Dog nasal tumors are extremely fragile and frequently bleed. But why? Oncologist Brooke Britton explains.


Nosebleeds are often the first thing a dog lover notices when their dog has a nasal tumor, and this horrifying symptom can continue even after treatment is started. Caller Holly wants to know why nosebleeds occur – is it the growth of the tumor causing destruction, or the tumor itself bleeding?

Veterinary  oncologist Brooke Britton answers Holly’s question, and also explains how nosebleeds can be addressed. Unfortunately, sticking some tissues up your dog’s nose is NOT a good idea, and severe bleeds require a vet visit. But treating the cancer will help, and you might also be able to use the herbal supplement Yunnan Baiyao.

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