EPISODE 240 | RELEASED March 4, 2024

Grief Writing After a Dog Dies | Sheila Cooperman

Can you write your way through grief? Sheila Cooperman’s True Tail about Tucker the Boykin Spaniel suggests it can help.


When Sheila Cooperman’s husband said he wanted a dog, she said that was fine and good, but it would be HIS responsibility. Then she met Tucker, the Boykin Spaniel, and transformed into a full-fledged Dog Mom.

When Tucker died suddenly of lymphoma last year, Sheila, a teacher with decades of experience and a literacy expert, turned to writing to help herself cope. Her “Friday posts” on social media are turning into books.

Sheila’s message that “writing is for everyone; you don’t have to be a writer” is a refreshing one and much-needed for those who are going through a tough time. In fact, Sheila has realized recently that her grieving for Tucker has helped her to resolve her grief over losing her own mother to the same disease fifty years ago.

This is truly a very special episode of Dog Cancer Answers!

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