Sheila Cooperman, PhD

Sheila Cooperman's Credentials

Doctor of Philoshopy – PhD in Literacy, Fordham University

Masters in Education, Fairfield University

Master of Business Administration, Pace University, Lubin School of Business

About Sheila Cooperman

I am a retired English Language Arts teacher with a Ph.D. in literacy. I am a proponent of 21st-century literacies. I lost my beautiful Boykin Spaniel, Tucker, to virulent lymphoma in August, 2023. It is a pain unlike any other, and I am no stranger to loss. I blog about my grief journey weekly because it helps me, and I hope it helps others. I am in the process of publishing two books. One is a children’s book about a dog who is an angel and helps a grieving family. The other book is an adult book that chronicles the loss of my two mothers and my dog: Grief is Grief, Two Legs or Four.


Tucker, Sheila Cooperman's beautiful dog.

Tucker, Week 22